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The DOHNÁLEK Company was established in 1990. Since the very beginning it specializes in the production and delivery of protection relays and special devices for power engineering and industry. This is also the main programme of the company. In addition to our own product development, in 1995 we began to provide a complete service and production of the ALOX and GTX protection relay systems designed for electrical networks and machines. In 2000 our company took over the rest of the production of all protection relay types that have been gradually produced by AEG, Křižík, ZPA and ABB Companies in Trutnov since 1943.


Our other activities concern areas such as protection relay projects, short circuit calculations and adjustment of protection relay parameters. Moreover, we carry out the installation, provide service and other technical support and organize training in that field.


Since 2000 the DOHNÁLEK Company has established a quality system certified by the internationally recognized CQS Company in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard according to which we keep the quality of the delivered products and services for our customers.


The company is situated in Mladé Buky in the Královéhradecký region of the Czech Republic. The company workshop is located in Krkonošská Street where all the production, development and other sections can be found.


Our main clients include ČEZ Company, power distribution and industrial companies. The DOHNÁLEK Company exports its products to Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, France and some other European countries as well as to China.

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