Training in the field of protection relays

Every year the DOHNÁLEK Company organizes training courses for workers in the field of protection relays. Since the training lasts five days, the participants are offered a hotel accommodation. The training takes place in the mountain resort Sola Fide in Janské Lázně and it is usually held in December.


2657 people in total took part in training organized by the DOHNÁLEK Company


in the period 1991 to 2014.


We invite you to this event:




Sola Fide


Place:Janské Lázně, SOLA FIDE resort
Date:7 - 11 December, 2015



DayHour Topic / speaker

1. Ground fault conditions in HV distribution networks.
2. Characteristics of current and voltage transformers.
Ing. Vladislav Hanč


1. Classical signal processing in digital protection relays; current and prospective, comparison with earlier types of protection relays.
2. Current and prospective use of synchronized phasors for control and protection in electrical power system.

3. Prognosis options concerning cascade decay and blackouts.
4. Analysis of selected faults in electrical power system in the elapsed time.
Ing. Ladislav Haňka, CSc., ČEPS, a.s. Praha


1. Transformer concept CZ + SK.
2. Distance protections of large network transformers.
3. Overcurrent protections of small transformers.
4. Transformers´ start-up, unloaded islands problem.

5. Distribution substation and line protection.
6. Importance of protection relay and circuit-breaker backup.
7. Auto-reclosing and locomotive recuperation.
8. System frequency load shedding, synchronized back-up and islands.
Ing. Jiří Bermann, ABB s.r.o. Praha


Comparison of digital filters for digital protections in Matlab programme.
Ing. Tomáš Dohnálek, DOHNÁLEK

Electromechanical protection relay tests and revisions.
Jiří Beneš, DOHNÁLEK
Friday8:00 Closing discussion
Some lectures will take the form of a discussion and question asking. Depending on the course participants, the programme can be modified on the spot as regards the content and time flow.


Special training in the company workshop

Apart from regular meetings in Janské Lázně, we organize special training for workers as well, depending on the individual customer requests.


Training organization:


We agree on a specific content and course of training with a customer.
The training takes place in the DOHNÁLEK Company testing department.
The training usually lasts three work days.
The training is usually aimed at description and practical testing of protection relay
basic types (current, voltage, pilot-wire and distance) and it takes place directly in the
company workshop. A customer may propose specific types of protection relays.
The training is designed for five participants at the most.
Each participant will get a publication Provoz a údržba ochran v energetice
The training participants will obtain a certificate of course completion by virtue of
a protection relay producer.


We provide training by virtue of a protection relay producer. These protections are made according to a quality system ISO 9001:2008. The entire company activity and issued protocols are subject to the ISO 9001:2008 standard according to which the company is certified.

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